Youth Hostel Colditz
Serenity and hospitality

If you stay the night at Colditz Castle, you’ll be sleeping in a place steeped in history. It was used as an internment camp for high-ranking officers of the Western Allies during the Second World War – even Winston Churchill’s nephew was held there. Some of the spectacular escape attempts have been portrayed in books and films, making Colditz Castle a famous name around the world.Colditz, nestled in the district of Leipzig, is now home to an international flair: The European Youth Hostel at Colditz Castle has 34 modern rooms with enough space for 171 guests, as well as numerous conference and common rooms. The nearby State Academy of Saxony has excellent rehearsal rooms and workspaces for budding musicians. With a whole range of visits, readings, cycling routes, hikes and rubber dinghy tours to enjoy, you definitely won’t get bored during your visit.


European Youth Hostel Colditz Castle

Hostel manager: Stefan Steinbach

Schlossgasse 1 | 04680 Colditz

Property of State Palaces, Castles and Gardens of Saxony, non profit

+49 34381 45010